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Description of Classes


The Beginner class is a good place to begin if you are new to yoga or coming back to yoga. This class is an introduction to a basic group of yoga poses, breath awareness and deep relaxation. You'll be instructed in the practice of safe alignment and proper breathing in each pose so that you can experience the benefits of yoga from the very first class. The class is taught at a pace that fully allows each student plenty of time to understand and integrate the instructions. You'll learn ways to modify any of the poses to accommodate your individual needs.

Level 1

This class is a continuation of the Beginner class. It is appropriate for individuals who feel comfortable and confident in the Beginner class and are ready to be more challenged, or for individuals with prior yoga experience. It may also be a good class to begin for students who are physically fit. Students are introduced to Sun Salutations and a wide variety of asanas (physical postures) as they continue to refine their physical alignment and internal awareness within their practice.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is ideal for individuals who feel limited by age, weight, arthritis, or other physical limitations. In this class we use plenty of props, including chairs, if needed, to make the poses safe and accessible to anyone regardless of their particular needs.

Mixed Level

Mixed Level is a class that is intended to include all Levels of practice. At times this class may be slower moving with less physical challenge. Other times, the class may be quite physically challenging. Mixed Level may include invigorating Sun Salutations. Along with traditional standing and seated poses, this class may include inversions and arm balances. Because it is a Mixed Level class, it can be appropriate for students who are not yet at the level of incorporating more challenging poses. However, the instructor will offer guidance and instruction on making modifications for poses. This allows students of differing abilities to participate together within this class setting. In this class, it is assumed that you have some developed some ability to read and respect your body's messages and honor your limitations to keep yourself safe in your practice. Remember, it is actually a sign of an advanced student to be able to choose NOT to do something when your body is telling you "no".

NOTE: All classes at Sunrise Yoga end with Savasana (deep relaxation).